Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sometimes I Ramble

I really need to start doing more interesting things with my life. 
While other bloggers are talking about the trips they took or the funny things their kids did, I'm over here like…yesterday I got Jamba Juice and went to night class. 

Clearly I need to have a baby. 
It's the only way to solve this issue. 

That was a joke people. 
I guess I could always write about my weekends. 
But those vary from going out to the bar or watching an entire season of How I Met You Mother with my roommates. 

Oh the crazy life I live. 
Like right now I'm talking to one of my best guy friends about how his ex was a butch. 
She plays softball. 
Think of a butch softball player. 
That's her. 

This most is getting really random. 
I'm not sure what else to talk about. 
P.S. I don't have anything against softball players, or butches. Just her. 


  1. that's how i feel sometimes. like why do people want to read my blog? i feel like i'm all over the place. and kind of a mess. yet i have followers so i wont complain. here's to being real people! :)

  2. So glad you commented on my blog post! I love finding other people my age, especially girls :), who are graphic design students. We're both the same age and everything. Excited to see more of your blog!

  3. hahaha your post made my day. i feel the same way in compared to other bloggers.

    marie <3